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2023 MAR

  • Khai's paper was accepted in Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

  • Putty's paper was accepted in Advanced Science.

2023 FEB

  • Jehee got the job at COSMAX. Congratulations, and good luck!

  • Inae got the job at  Hyundai Steel. Congratulation, and good luck!

  • Yaeeun got the job at DuPont Korea. Congratulation, and good luck!

  • Haneol joined the group as a integrated master-Ph.D. course student. Welcome!

  • Tan Miao joined the group as a master course student. Welcome!

  • Hyungsuk has started his Ph.D. course in our lab.

2022 DEC

  • Jinming's paper was accepted in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental.

  • Maddy and Joshi defended their thesis and got Ph.D. degrees.                                                    Congratulations and appreciate their great contributions to the group!!!

  • Hyungsuk and Yaeeun defended their theses and got master degrees.                                   Congratulations and thank you for all their contributions to the group!!!

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